Tuesday, September 30, 2008

#14: Assuming the Best

A lot of pundits are predicting embarrassing failure for Sarah Palin in Thursday's VP debate. Thankfully, Maverick David Axelrod can set everyone straight. The Caucus reports:

“I think that if you go back and look at the debates that Governor Palin’s had as a candidate, she’s very skilled and she’ll be well-prepared,” Mr. Axelrod said on Mr. Biden’s plane Sunday night. “As you saw at the convention she can be very good. So, I think it would be foolish to assume that this isn’t going to be a really challenging debate. We’re preparing for that, on that assumption.”

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Batocchio said...

Everyone plays the expectations game. I've heard Palin wasn't bad in Alaska debates, but there she knew more about the issues. The problem is, if she's even somewhat coherent during this debate, and doesn't trip and fall, some pundits will laud her. (Some are probably primed to skewer her, though.) The expectations are very low for her, and high for Biden. I'm hoping the questions and discussions are in depth enough to expose how lost she is, but the format is more curtailed than the presidential set-up. Dahlia Lithwick has some good advice to Biden. I suppose if Palin stunk up the joint and then McCain condemned the evil media elite for their standards of basic competence, that would be a move full of mavericky goodness, huh?