Wednesday, October 29, 2008

#148: Students for McCain

In a scathing expose today, the New York Times exposes literally dozens of college students who support McCain. Here are some choice quotes from his young supporters:

“We’re trying to get 20-year-old kids,” said Chris McMonagle, a tall, dark-haired senior from Lansdale, Pa., “to vote for a 72-year-old man.”

“When I walk down the street carrying my campaign materials, people yell at me,” said Katie Nix, 22, the statewide co-chairwoman of Students for McCain. “I just keep hearing, ‘Obama! Obama!’ ”

“What is that, a robot?” he said, exhaling noisily. “The Obama campaign has a robot set up in the plaza. It’s holding a sign that says ‘Powered by hope.’ Which I don’t think is entirely accurate.”

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